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2nd page of pictures
rear view of Lencos



The picture above shows a small deck hatch arrangement that keeps folks from twisting an ankle.  A cardboard template was used to get the shape correct, and it was built slightly too big and then sanded down millimeter by millimeter in order to achieve a very tight fit.



The above picture shows how I installed the Lowrance 337C DF by using two circular cut pieces of 2x4 (sanded and varnished) and a thinner piece of 3/4 inch plywood (not visible) to create a post.  The bottom side has two latches that swing out and lock the post in place while a 1 inch hole provides the space to pass the cables up to the back of the display.
The picture to the left shows the added rear support.  Original models have a strap to retain the Bimini in the upright position.  Replacing the strap allows one to run with the stored Bimini over the back portion of the boat.  It also strengthens the entire structure.



There is not enough Up and a little too much down, but these were installed per the directions. In actual performance I have found that very little deflection is necessary, and it is more important to have the tabs fully out of the way or it will impact your turning radius. I'm considering the addition of a spacer to move the hinge back a 1/4 inch to give a little more in the Up direction.